About Dolly Li


I’m an illustrator and visual journalist specializing in illustrated videos, Infogifs, and new ways of visual storytelling. I’ve reported on the U.S. justice system, East Asian culture and politics, women’s rights, and water scarcity. I also love social commentary, especially in the form of visual and written satire.

I work at Al Jazeera’s digital arm, AJ+ as a Creative Producer. My day-to-day activities include pitching visual stories, drawing, making GIFs, scripting content, and managing graphic assignments. I am constantly experimenting with new ways to visualize information on social media platforms with a mobile-first approach (hence, the creation of Infogifs). I’ve also been a co-lecturer in New Media at the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism, advising second-year students on their Master’s projects. Topics I often tackle are designing for news and introduction to illustrated videos. Previously, I worked in print publishing at Workman Publishing and designed GUIs for the American Red Cross of Greater New York. I’ve also designed some retail store signs for shits and giggles.

Originally from Brooklyn, New York, I come from a family of immigrants and am a first-generation American. Needless to say, stories of the underprivileged and misunderstood are recurring themes in my work. Currently, I’m in Oakland, California. I studied Visual Arts and Economics at Rice University.