Cosmetic Vegetology

For my 2012 Visual Arts thesis, I created an interactive art installation that served as commentary on the physical insecurities women often face and the procedures they’re willing to undergo to “correct” their flaws. The installation involved a fictional doctor’s office, the practice of Dr. Boris Bernstein. This character’s specialty was the real phenomenon of “daikon legs,” a common physical insecurity of Asian women where the calf muscle is believed to be too large. Calf reduction surgery one of the top 10 most common cosmetic surgeries in East Asia.

I invented the genre of surgery known as “Cosmetic Vegetology” for women who suffer from physical insecurities where they fear their body parts resemble actual fruits and vegetables. The pieces created for the installation were a combination of fiction and reality: the prices and elective surgeries were real, the field and practice of “Cosmetic Vegetology” were not.

daikonproject - satirechart