Inspirit Crystals

Inspirit Crystals is a spiritual and crystals retail store located in Northampton, MA. In 2012, the store changed ownership and name from ‘Inspirit Common’ to ‘Inspirit Crystals.’ To celebrate the grand reopening, the owners commissioned a new store sign.

I designed a mosaic sign for Inspirit Crystals to capture the fresh energy and revival of the shop. In creating the sign, I partnered with local tile artisans and vinyl sign shop, Porcupine Designs, to cut and mount the piece.

A new website, logo, business cards, and promotional print material were also designed to complement the renewed store.

Inspirit Crystals store front

Inspirit Crystals store sign
Hand-painted Inspirit Crystals backdoor sign to match the new mosaic sign

Inspirit Crystals sign rendering